Get To The Heart Of Your Biggest Challenges and Get Your Shizzle Done With Clarity, Confidence And Ease


 Stop “I’ve not got time”,  “I don’t know where to start”, Procrastination, or Lack of Clarity From Killing Your Success.

1:1 & Group Coaching & Training Programmes for Productivity, Performance, and Time Freedom to create the life you want.

Remove Overwhelm From The Busyness Of Life, Find Clarity In Your Vision, Values, & Purpose And Take Courageous Decisions Aligned with Your Goals, Values, And Self.  Creating Successful & Impactful Habits, Facilitating Growth So You Can Unleash Your Brilliance, Maximise Your Performance, Reach Your Goals and Have a Thriving Life or Business That You Love, With More Freedom, Clarity, And Joy.


Does Any of this remind you, of you…?

You love what you do, you’ve lots of ideas, opportunities, dreams, and aspirations for your business, for  you, or for your life but you simply cannot see a way forward to making them a reality, or are you hearing yourself say “I don’t have time?”

Procrastination stops you from moving forward and you’re no closer to getting things done. You’re constantly firefighting – surviving not thriving.

Perfectionism limits you, taunts, you, fills you with the belief done is not better than perfect. You push yourself – over-delivering, over-servicing, and nothing is ever good enough and the inner critic voice attacks over the tiniest mistakes that proves your perfectionist right.

You feel the fear – of failure, of success, of not being good enough, or not getting things right and so you delay because it avoids the negative emotion and it’s easier than starting.

You’re the fraud, expecting to be ‘ousted’ – imposter syndrome rears its head, stops you from taking action because you know, there’s ‘someone’ saying you’re not capable – although you know and you ARE MORE than capable!

You don’t manage your time well enough to work at your most productive or more uncomfortably, you just waste time! Ouch!

It’s draining, right?

So you’ve made the decision to change your life, turn over a new leaf, or get on track…

But are you starting too big?

Lofty aspirations, loose goals, are like New Year’s resolutions – very rarely successful.

Changing behaviour can be challenging, but it actually need not be difficult and we can all do it with the RIGHT help!

But, it’s also NOT a personality flaw when you can’t make those changes – it’s a behaviour design one.

Yes, you read that right – it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Perhaps you want to be more productive, lose weight, implement a new health or exercise regime, or you may be working on a bigger long term goal and need to find a way to reduce the overwhelm or stress that comes from that question “where do I start”?

Wanting to change and implement new behaviours, to formulate new and life changing habits where you are NOT relying on willpower or motivation?

We change best by feeling good NOT by feeling bad….so….are YOU READY to?

If so….

Imagine This Instead…

Having clarity on your needs and values; ensuring they align with your life or business aspirations or goals – let’s delve deep into the clarity of your vision!

Bringing your dreams to the forefront, planning, and getting totally focused on making them a reality – let’s bring them alive!

✔ Learning key aspects of habit formation – nice, easy and simple steps you can use with ANY change you want to make – let’s make it easy!

✔ Discovering ways of bringing a positive emotion and strong mindset into your behaviour changes  – let’s keep you moving forward! 

✔ Formulate new ways to form new habits so you’re not relying on willpower or motivation – let’s achieve significant and positive change! 

Taking care of your own emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing – let’s make sure YOU are OK too!

Having the resources, time, and passion to create the balance between work, life, family, and freedom YOU are hoping for – let’s find the you that truly loves what you do and your confidence to dream big!

✔ Becoming a productivity pro – manage your time and remove the overwhelm let’s ensure you get shizzle done & leave nothing behind!

Establishing a clear plan, maximise your potential and performance to thrive with a healthy sustainable business or a life without overwhelm and procrastination – let’s unleash your brilliance!

Discovering your own working style and preferences – let’s shine a light on your strengths so you can maximise your performance!


It could be your business, your life or YOU are suffering.  That these things are stopping you from taking positive action, from moving forward to realise those aspirations, or hit those goals you’ve set for yourself or your business.

You may want to grow your business, diversify, make changes in your life, or improve the focus on your own physical, emotional, or mental wellbeing, but you have no clear plan on how you can make any of this happen.

Building habits, making changes to achieve your required outcome CAN be easy IF you have the right approach, one that looks at human psychology, your own preferences & working style with a process that makes a change easy to do.

If you’re committed to making changes, reaching your potential CAN happen with the right space, mindset, and support.

Make It Happen

Habit, Performance, and Transformational Coaching to realise your potential and thrive with a healthy and sustainable business or a life in alignment with your values, visions and goals.

Through your coaching sessions, you will have the ability to work on:

✔ gaining clarity of your values, beliefs, and needs
✔ developing, implementing and seeing results of a clear plan
✔ learn the key aspects of habit formation, behaviour change and how to make it easy
✔ establishing a strong, positive growth mindset to take you forward
✔ considering your emotional, physical, & mental wellbeing
✔ removing overwhelm & getting your shizzle done

✔ tackling procrastination & perfectionism
✔ increasing productivity  & time management
✔discovering your working style and preferences via DISC personality profiling
✔ discovering your inner cheerleader  – banishing your inner critic
✔ establishing accountability  OR
anything else that you need or wish to work on in your sessions – it’s all about you!

Here’s how

Hi! I’m Karen

my mission

My mission is to partner with individuals who are ready and committed to making positive changes, so they can find clarity in their vision and purpose, find fulfillment, and create sustainable life-changing and impactful habits to balance life, work, and wellbeing to have a thriving life or business they love.

As a compassionate, direct, open, and flexible coach I’m wholly committed to holding a safe, inclusive space effectively for my clients where trust and safety are assured and felt, so they feel heard and supported. My key values are integrity, authenticity, compassion, professionalism, and growth and are reflected in my coaching approach.

As an ICF ACC Accredited and Certified mBIT and Tiny Habits, Performance and Life Transformations Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified DISC and Diary Detox® Coach Practitioner together I bring a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to my coaching, combined with extensive management and consulting experience and as a business owner for almost 20 years I blend the approach of these specialties and experience with support and accountability to enable you to shine and make those changes happen.

Does this resonate? 


Is it for me?

Coaching is, “a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction, and the use of appropriate strategies, tools, and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change for the benefit of the coachee.” Bachkirova et al

Based on awareness, responsibility, trust, and confidentiality coaching is a reflective, forward-focused process, where we partner together to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, whilst offering the opportunity for you to work towards realising your goals or aspirations in your life or business.

Coaching involves an investment of time and money – but if you’re committed to taking action, to being open but more so to YOURSELF, your future, and realising your full potential then yes coaching can be a game-changer.  I offer a complimentary discovery call so you can find out more BEFORE you make any commitment!

Here's How we can work together

1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching programme is for you if you’re looking for accountability and are committed to getting results to maximise your performance to reach your goals, targets, or to make your aspirations a reality.

If you’re an action taker let’s get started!

Productivity Pro ™

1:1 and group coaching programmes utilising the Diary Detox® productivity and wellness tool to create space in your diary. Ready to spend your time doing what’s important, get more from your time, and get things done hitting your goals? 

Let’s detox your diary!

DISC Profiling

DISC® personality profiling provides insights and learnings of your working style preferences so you can maximise performance, improve communication, or productivity for you, your team or in your business. It can be valuable when building a team, recruiting, or just discovering more about you.

Secure your profiling! 

Group Coaching

Group coaching, but with a programme and sessions that are tailored to meet your needs, providing individual coaching in a group programme with the support for you to maximise your performance, to reach your goals, targets, and to make your aspirations a reality.

Benefit from extended accountability and engagement? This is for you.


If you are a larger organisation we can talk about how Habit, Performance and Transformational Coaching combined with the Diary Detox®  process can help you to develop your team, motivate, engage, and empower your staff, whilst maximising their performance and productivity.

Tailored options specific to your business.

Let's Get Started!

So, you’re ready and committed to make positive changes in your life to make those dreams a reality, to ditch your procrastination, improve your productivity, and to maximise your performance. With the busyness of life, it’s important that the process to get started is easy and simple so we will:


Schedule A Complimentary Call

We’ll have a complimentary chat about you, where you are now, and what you want to achieve from your coaching sessions.  We’ll ensure that we’re a good fit.


Select Your Package

If we’re both in agreement, you’ll select and purchase your package, you will receive a welcome pack that includes a questionnaire to help me understand you, your business, and your requirements. Everything will be tailored to you.


Schedule Sessions

Your sessions will be scheduled based around the package that you have selected with coaching support and accountability if required to make sure you are on track to meet your goals or required outcome. 



Contact Me

Ready to take steps to maximise your performance? Contact us by scheduling a call or email or by completing the contact form.


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