We may try lots of things in life, trying to be good at everything that we attempt, the reality is that isn’t a reasonable expectation.

You do not have to be good at something for it to be your passion, and so it’s important you can discover what your passion is, whether it be in life, business, career or family.

What do I mean by finding your passion?

Well, finding something that you are willing to give all of your energy to, something that you love, that makes you feel good, that brings strong positive emotions and fulfilment, sonmething that brings you happniess.

.Finding your passion and being able to put it into words is important. Only then can you do the things that truly fulfill you.

Try these 25 techniques for finding your passion:

  1. Meditate
  2. List everything that makes you happy
  3. Tune other people out
  4. Ask those who know you best
  5. Take a class
  6. What items interest you when you read?
  7. What do you find easy?
  8. Avoid letting monetary concerns limit your dreams
  9. Talk to people who love the same things you do
  10. Walk down memory lane. What did you love as a child?
  11. Imagine your perfect day
  12. If you only had one wish, what would it be?
  13. Make a Passion Board
  14.  Visualise
  15. What would you like to do in your free time?
  16. Discover your creativity
  17. Ask a friend to read your face as they list many items you might enjoy
  18. Think about things you would do for free
  19. Get involved in new activities or clubs that you feel might interest you
  20. Listen to that small voice inside you to discover your true feelings
  21. What gives you endless energy?
  22. Do something you love every day
  23. Research
  24. Practice anything that interests you to discover more talents
  25.  Never give up

One of the great things about 1:1 coaching is that you can focus on discovering your passion, finding your fire, of learning what it is you love, hope, or need, but more importantly how you can bring that into your life.

I’d love to work with you on discovering your passion, for you to be the difference that MAKES the difference

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