Out on the early morning dog walk, watching the squirrels rushing around doing their winter prep I love watching them, I always marvel at their agility, speed, and ability to change direction so quickly when needed.

This morning, two squirrels started chasing each other up, down and around the trunk of a tree, rushing up to the highest branches at high speed, the dogs were fascinated watching them too.

Heading further up the tree, clearly running out of space to go, one launched himself off to the nearest tree, a leap of faith that he was going to make it.

Placing a trust in his ability to not only make the jump, not only to go the distance, but to land on the other side to continue his escape AND that he’d be ok.

No mean feat for such a little creature when the gap was a good couple of metres.

That’s a lot of trust right there.

In himself.

In the jump.

In the branch.

In the outcome.

Do they feel the fear and do it anyway?

Do they know that even if they jump and miss or if the branch snaps and sends them rushing to the floor that they can pick themselves up and head up the tree (or a different one) yes with more of a climb or a longer route maybe, or they can go somewhere completely different.

That there’s always an alternative when something hasn’t quite worked out as planned, as they hoped.

That they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and change direction.

They have options.

Placing trust in themselves, their ability, the outcome and the knowledge that if it doesn’t quite work out as planned there’s always alternatives.

One of the presuppositions from NLP is that people with great flexibility have the most possibilities to get the result they want and are the most successful.

That people with flexibility are open to the unexpected within life, adapt when changes call for it, accept things they themselves cannot change, find creative solutions and constantly grow and achieve.

There’s a lot to learn from the squirrel.

With their trust, with their belief, with their ability to adapt, pick themselves up and head in new directions.

So should we? Be more squirrel?

“Inspiring Transformational Change”

As an ICF ACTP trained & Certified Professional mBIT, Tiny Habits, Performance & Transformations Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, DISC, & Diary Detox® Practitioner I bring a completely unique approach, resource, & skillset to coaching which is also combined with extensive management & consulting experience along with a multi micro-business owner for 20 years.

In committing your time & effort you can change where you are, to where you want to be, in a simple & supported way, with accountability & in alignment with your values, goals & self.

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