How Would You Feel If You Could...

Have real clarity on your needs and values and how they fit in with the goals or aspirations you have for your goals in life or business?

Ditch the limitations of perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter syndrome so you can feel excited about creating the life YOU want for yourself, your family, or your business?

Establish a clear plan, so you can maximise your potential and performance to meet your goals and thrive with a healthy sustainable business or a life without overwhelm and procrastination?

Discover your own working style and preferences which will help you with your productivity and efficiency?

Bring your dreams to the forefront, planning, and getting totally focused on making them a reality?

Improve how you manage your time by doing less, which increases your productivity and removes your overwhelm?

The opportunity to ensure you’re taking care of your own emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing?

Reveal your resources and passion to create the balance between work, life, family, and freedom that YOU are hoping for?

✔ Have the opportunity for regular support and accountability so you can ensure that you’re keeping on track?

✔ Have access to tools and proven methods which will enable you to master your time management to maximise your productivity and performance and stop wasting time?

✔ Learn successful ways of creating new and sustainable habits and behaviours to lighten your load and make change easy?

1:1 Coaching Could Be The Answer


Is it for me?

Coaching is, “a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction, and the use of appropriate strategies, tools, and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change for the benefit of the coachee.” Bachkirova et al

Based on awareness, responsibility, trust, and confidentiality coaching is a reflective, forward-focused process, where we partner together to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, whilst offering the opportunity for you to work towards realising your goals or aspirations in your life or business.

Coaching involves an investment of time and money – but if you’re committed to taking action, to being open but more so to YOURSELF, your future, and realising your full potential then yes coaching can be a game-changer.  I offer a complimentary discovery call so you can find out more BEFORE you make any commitment!

My Coaching Mission

My mission and passion is to help my clients build a life, career, or business they love, to remove overwhelm and the fear of moving forward so they can make their dreams and aspirations a reality while maximising their performance and productivity.

Whether it be ditching procrastination, perfectionism, or mastering habit formation, behaviour design, or time management I partner with my clients so they can realise their full potential.

Does this resonate?

Is this something that you need or would like help with?

Then 1:1 intensive coaching where the focus is completely on you could be the answer!

I had a big project to tackle and I couldn’t see a way into it. It felt too big and overwhelming and I was caught in a cycle of procrastination followed by self-recrimination.  

After the sessions, I felt more clarity, more motivated & had a clear plan of how I would get from the current moment to the end of the project.   

It’s been a game-changer for me because, as well as helping me with that specific project, I can see how useful it will be for approaching other projects that feel overwhelming.  It’s given me a way of approaching them that feels empowering & motivating. Brilliant!


“This is incredibly powerful – I should talk to you every day! The biggest win from today’s session was knowing my own value & worth and that makes it all worthwhile.”


“Having you as my accountability coach means I’m not always on the downward slippery slope to no-where but on track with a clearer headspace, knowing what my plan is.”


“The Diary Detox is a great process. We’re ALL guilty of wasting time & it’s important to get on track. I always come away from our sessions feeling very positive & energised”


Here's How we can work together

1:1 Private Coaching

Intensive 1:1 Coaching sessions of up to 75 minutes over an agreed period of time are for you if you want to formulate a plan, get to the heart of your biggest challenges, unpack any mindset or productivity issues that are holding you back and enable you to find the right path forward.

With a firm focus on overcoming issues, establishing your goals or outcomes and moving you forward the sessions are via Zoom, telephone or Skype.

In-person sessions are available on request only within 15 miles of GL51.


1:1 5 Session programme


This programme of 5 intensive 1:1 Coaching sessions of up to 75 minutes over 10 weeks.

Additional Support includes:

Pre-Session Questionnaires
Coaching tools as required
Recommended reading that may be helpful

    1:1 7 session programme


    This programme of 7 intensive 1:1 Coaching sessions of up to 75 minutes over 14 weeks.

    Additional Support includes:

    Pre-Session Questionnaires
    Coaching tools as required
    Recommended reading that may be helpful

      1:1 10 session programme


      This programme of 10 intensive 1:1 Coaching sessions up to 75  minutes over 20 weeks.

      Additional Support includes:

      Pre-Session Questionnaires
      DISC Personality Profiling Report
      1 x Weekly accountability check-in
      Coaching tools as required
      Recommended reading that may be helpful

        Additional Options Available include:

        Where not included in the chosen package you can also access the following additional opportunities:

        DISC Personality Profiling
        WhatsApp, Email, or Voxer Support
        Weekday Accountability Check-ins
        Access to the Diary Detox® process & app only accessible via a Certified Practitioner

        Other Opportunities

        WhatsApp or Voxer Accountability

        WhatsApp or Voxer are both free apps where you can send text, voice calls or photos back and forth, but where you can also listen back to the voice calls live.

        Accountability support via this method is a way for you to access support, guidance with quick and easy accountability.

        As a more informal approach, it’s perfect for accountability check-ins, or if you need additional support between 1:1 Coaching sessions or as a standalone option.

        It’s like having your own accountability buddy and I have been using it successfully with clients in my outsourced support business for a number of years.


        Diary Detox® 

        The Diary Detox® is a simple 5 step process that is accessed via a fully trained and certified practitioner to ensure that you have the maximum support through the process.

        It introduces a productivity & wellness tool with your own personal app login, that’ll create space & time in your diary to do what’s important. It’ll also shine a light on the things you must do, want to do, or need to do but will highlight what you do NOT need to do.

        It will stop you wasting time!

        A process that is easy, simple and will only take about 20 minutes a week BUT will give you back SO much more! Want some of that 28% of your time back?

        Diary Detox®


        DiSC as a personal assessment tool is used by more than 1  million people every year and deepens your understanding of yourself and others.

        The model uses a common language, that people can use to not only understand themselves better but those they interact with, leading to improved teamwork, communication and productivity as you discover your preferences. .

        We can provide you and your team with your DiSC reports and access to the process, as well as providing 1:1 or group coaching around the process and results.   We can include the DiSC profiling within any of our coaching programmes including Diary Detox® or as a stand-alone service.