You no longer have to be pulled in a hundred directions or spinning lots of plates. 

You no longer have to be approaching or hitting burnout, feeling guilty when you’re at work and not with your family, or feeling guilty when you’re with them and thinking of work.

You no longer have to have no plan, no vision, no goals, or accountability.

There is a way to work differently, more productively, more easily, and with less stress.

If you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” this is YOUR time and the RIGHT time to be taking action.

Working together we can do it differently and you can focus on: 

✔ gaining clarity of your vision, values, beliefs, and needs
✔ developing, implementing, and seeing results of a clear plan
✔ create a 3, 5 or 10 year business vision to give you long term clarity and a target to work towards – you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming for
✔ create 12 month, 90 day, and 28 day action plans to keep you on target and make you more productive
✔ increasing productivity  & time management as we focus on your own tailored Time Freedom Formula™
✔discovering your working style and preferences via DISC personality profiling
✔ l
earn key aspects of successful habit formation, behaviour change, and how to make it easy
✔ establishing a strong, positive growth mindset to take you forward
✔ considering your emotional, physical, & mental well-being needs
✔ tackling procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome
✔ discovering your inner cheerleader
✔ establishing and having accountability
✔ anything else you need or wish to work on – it’s all about you!

Working with a coach will give you the time and space to focus on whatever you need help with.

If you’re committed to taking action, to making the changes that can be life-changing, and you”re ready to find out more, why not schedule a call.

I had a big project to tackle and I couldn’t see a way into it. It felt too big and overwhelming and I was caught in a cycle of procrastination followed by self-recrimination.  

After the sessions, I felt more clarity, more motivated & had a clear plan of how I would get from the current moment to the end of the project.   

It’s been a game-changer for me because, as well as helping me with that specific project, I can see how useful it will be for approaching other projects that feel overwhelming.  It’s given me a way of approaching them that feels empowering & motivating. Brilliant!


“This is incredibly powerful – I should talk to you every day! The biggest win from today’s session was knowing my own value & worth and that makes it all worthwhile.”


“Having you as my accountability coach means I’m not always on the downward slippery slope to nowhere. I’m on track with a clearer mind, knowing what my plan is.”



Is it for me?

Coaching is, “a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction, and the use of appropriate strategies, tools, and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change for the benefit of the coachee.” Bachkirova et al

Based on awareness, responsibility, trust, and confidentiality coaching is a reflective, forward-focused process, where we partner together to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, whilst offering the opportunity for you to work towards realising your goals or aspirations in your life or business.

Coaching involves an investment of time and money – but if you’re committed to taking action, to being open but more so to YOURSELF, your future, and realising your full potential then yes coaching can be a game-changer.  I offer a complimentary discovery call so you can find out more BEFORE you make any commitment!

My Coaching Mission

My mission is to help business owners and solopreneurs achieve time freedom without compromising their vision, values, performance, or wellbeing.    To help them realise their potential, maximise productivity and performance to take them and their business forwards and upwards whilst creating a life that makes their hearts sing, that brings fulfillment and purpose whilst balancing work, family, life, and freedom.

Does this resonate?

Is this something that you need or would like help with?

Then coaching, where the focus is completely on you, could be the answer!

Here's How we can work together

1:1 Private Coaching

Intensive 1:1 Coaching sessions of up to 75 minutes over an agreed period of time are for you if you want to formulate a plan, get to the heart of your biggest challenges, unpack any mindset or productivity issues that are holding you back and enable you to find the right path forward.

With a firm focus on overcoming issues, establishing your goals or outcomes and moving you forward the sessions are via Zoom, telephone or Skype.

In-person sessions are available on request only within 15 miles of GL51.


Other Opportunities

WhatsApp or Voxer Accountability

WhatsApp or Voxer are both free apps where you can send text, voice calls or photos back and forth, but where you can also listen back to the voice calls live.

As a more informal approach, it’s having your own accountability buddy and I’ve been using it with clients for a number of years – it’s perfect for accountability support, guidance and quick check-ins, or if you need additional support between 1:1 Coaching sessions or as a standalone option.


Diary Detox® 

Gain 11 hours of time back PER WEEK.  The Diary Detox® is a simple 5 step process that introduces a productivity & wellness tool that’ll create space & time in your diary to do what’s important. It’ll shine a light on the things you must do, want to do, or need to do but will highlight what you do NOT need to do. It will stop you wasting time!

Diary Detox®


DiSC as a personal assessment tool is used by more than 1  million people every year and deepens your understanding of yourself and others.

The model uses a common language, that people can use to not only understand themselves better but those they interact with, leading to improved teamwork, communication, and productivity as you discover your preferences.