How To Connect, Follow, or Work With Karen Taylor

As an ICF ACC Accredited and Certified mBIT, Productivity, Habits & Performance Coach, DISC, Diary Detox, and NLP Master Practitioner I bring a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to my coaching which is also combined with extensive management and consulting experience having been a business owner for almost 20 years.

With 1:1, Group, and Membership Community, as well as a Free Group, Freebies and training here are the ways that we can connect, or we can work together.



Based on awareness, responsibility, trust, and confidentiality coaching is a reflective, forward-focused process, where we partner together to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance, whilst offering the opportunity for you to work towards realising your goals or aspirations in your life or business.

Facilitating growth, finding clarity in your visions, values, and purpose so you can remove overwhelm, unleash your brilliance, reach your goals, and have a thriving business or life you love, with a clear, actionable plan that you have to put into place.

1:1 Coaching

Focusing On You

Get to the heart of your biggest challenges, create the way forward that YOU need to succeed with clarity & purpose in alignment with your vision & values.  

Diary Detox

It’s About Time

Combining lifetime access to the Diary Detox Productivity & Wellness App & process so you can claim up to 11 hours of time that’s wasted each week.


Free 5 Day Intro

Discover the Tiny Habits Method and be supported 1:1 by a Certified Tiny Habits Coach.  Click the link below to sign up for the next available cohort.

Habit Coaching

Habits With Impact

1:1 and Group Coaching Programmes Combining Behaviour Design,  Tiny Habits, Goal Setting, & Mind Mapping for Productivity and Performance.

Group Coaching

Group Support

Combining group and hot seat coaching, expert speakers, training, and access to the Diary Detox, mBIT, and Tiny Habits programmes.


New Community

Get on track – productivity, time management, and accountability community combining coaching, expert speakers, training, networking & co-working. 

Other Opportunities

Not ready to work together 1:1 and would like help, support, or access to training around productivity, time management, and performance?

Here are a number of ways that we can connect and work together.

Time Freedom

Powerful Planner

A yearly planner to support you in discovering and achieving your Time Freedom Vision. With schedules, goal setting, mapping and reflections. New for 2022

Facebook Group

Free Community

Join a newly launched free Facebook Group with training, coaching, accountability, and productivity support. Including goal setting & planning sessions.

Free Download

Top 20 Tips

Make the most of your time. A free PDF booklet with the Top 20 Tips to Master Your Time Management. Discover how to make the most of your time and reach your goals.

Schedule A Call

An opportunity to book a complimentary, no obligation 20 minute call to discuss your needs and how I may support you.

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