It’s About Time…

Creating Space To Do What’s Important.

“The Diary Detox is a great process. We’re ALL guilty of wasting time & it’s important to get on track. I always come away from our sessions feeling very positive & energised”


“Having you as my accountability coach means I’m not always on the downward slippery slope to no-where but on track with a clearer headspace, knowing what my plan is.”


This is incredibly powerful – I should talk to you every day! The biggest win from today’s session was knowing my own value & worth and that makes it all worthwhile.”


There’s an uncomfortable truth of knowing that as much as 28% of your working week could be spent wasting time.

“I don’t have enough time”  – how many times do you hear yourself say that?  How many times do the people in your team say they are too busy?

If you don’t have the time, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing.  You may be under constant pressure to deliver, struggling with constant challenge which means you do what you have always done so this is NOT about encouraging you to do more, instead, we’re going to give you less. 

We’re going to give you a way of removing everything that wastes your time, giving you time to engage & take you & your business or life upwards, by removing the time you waste on tasks that are not important or that can (and should!) be done by somebody else. 

You may be leading a management team, but spending more time “doing” than managing all of which is having an impact on the productivity of you and your team AND the business!

I don’t have enough time!” – but is that really true?  

Or is your time being taken up by tasks that should be done by somebody else or not at all?

Or is the actual truth you’re procrastinating rather than taking action and become so bogged down it’s easier to do nothing or hope it will all go away?

Do you even have everything you need in your diary to ensure important things aren’t missed?

Or do you have a management team who are spending more time “doing” than managing – all of which can have an impact on the productivity of the individual, the team, AND the business?

Whatever the reason we have the answer….

What is Diary Detox®?

Diary Detox®  – a productivity & wellness tool that will create space in your diary, allowing you the time to do what’s important.  It will shine a light on what you don’t need to do today but will focus you on getting more from tomorrow.

Just imagine what it would be like to be on track to your goals, maximising your performance, and kicking your procrastination habits out of the way!

The process, which takes about 20 mins a week can also assist in

removing overwhelm 
tackling your procrastination that stops your getting things done
increasing your productivity 
✔ helping you to manage your time more effectively by removing things that really are wasting your time
✔ enabling you to consider emotional, physical, & mental wellbeing
keeping you on track to reaching your targets, & goals while ensuring everything’s in place to make them happen
maximising your performance or that of your team or business

We can create that space and time in your diary, improve your productivity, and get you AND your business moving forward.

Now, what could that time give to you and your business, knowing that EVERYTHING you need to do, is scheduled into your diary and that you’re on track to reach your targets and goals?


The benefits of using the Diary Detox® process are significant.

By creating more time and space in your diary you can focus on income generating activities, on building your business or new products, or on the other things that are important to you such as your mental and physical wellbeing.

The Diary Detox is a great process.

We’re ALL guilty of wasting time & it’s important to get on track. I always come away from my sessions with Karen feeling very positive & energised”



How do i get started?

Diary Detox® is ONLY available via a certified practitioner and currently, there are only 4 globally, but the 1:1 and group programmes I have here offer a unique package.

Via 1:1, group, or team programmes, you can access the Diary Detox® process as a stand-alone programme or as part of a wider performance or business coaching programme.

Karen Taylor as one of only 4 currently Certified Diary Detox® Practitioners’ can guide you through the process, with lifetime access to the Diary Detox® productivity and wellness app and process along with the opportunity for ongoing support and coaching.

We can create a bespoke programme for you combined with DISC profiling, behaviour design, and coaching so you truly maximise your performance and stop you wasting time!

“I’d reached a stage where I couldn’t keep going on as I was, overwhelmed, missing important tasks & struggling with scope creep.  I’m now clear on my values, what’s important, and having a clear plan to help me move forward AND get everything done by the deadlines – just perfect!”


The Diary Detox is a great process.

We’re ALL guilty of wasting time & it’s important to get on track. I always come away from my sessions with Karen feeling very positive & energised”