Procrastination is one of the biggest traps that adults can fall into.

Inevitably there’ll always be projects at work or tasks at home that we just don’t want to do.

They may be boring, difficult, seemingly unimportant, or we simply can’t find ourselves motivated to do them.

After all, motivation is a fair-weather friend, we never really know whether it is going to show up for us or not, so we shouldn’t be relying on it to get our tasks done or it being a regular part of our day.

But, even as kids we had moments of procrastination, after all, how many times did your mother have to nag you to clean your room?

We live in a world where quick entertainment is at our fingertips.

Switch on the television, reach for the nearest device, waste away the hours scrolling through endless social media feeds, and let us not even get started on how much time can pass when we spend the time watching videos on YouTube or TikTok.

All of these alternatives or simply finding “other” things to do rather than the task at hand can ultimately prevent us from doing the things that we need to.

But of course, this gets us nowhere, fast, it leads to more overwhelm and stress AND stops us from being productive!

Not good right?

Time management requires action…

All procrastinators beware: to succeed at managing your time and being more productive during the day, you MUST take action!

It’s simple, really and yes we know it’s not always that easy.

But trying to find the desire to take action is usually when we procrastinate, and then we stop. And that is the biggest downfall of a procrastinator!

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