Live A Valued Life

Values-Based Transformative Coaching for Professionals, Executives, and Organisations to enhance well-being, performance, productivity, and success.

Reach your desired goals, outcomes, or aspirations through revealing, exploring, and engaging with your values and what is deeply important to you so you can LIVE and LOVE the life you’re living!

As humans, our core values are a powerful mechanism to support us in decision-making or as a foundation for taking committed action to make our aspirations a reality.

When we align with those values, life simply flows.

We feel fulfilled and by doing things in work, business, or life, which feel right, that are deeply important to us, or by following our hearts we take steps towards fulfilling our passion and purpose – and loving the life we live!


‘One day’ won’t happen on its own.

Things only happen or change if we do things differently, by getting clear on what we want, and what’s stopping us, and then taking bold courageous action!


Together we will partner in an integrated process of coaching, accountability, and support.  We will uncover and explore your vision, your experiences, resources, and skills so you can get clear on your values and what you truly want, see what’s stopping you, and then create a clear way forward to make those aspirations a reality and with YOU at the top of your priority list boost your productivity, performance, and well-being all in alignment with your core values, your purpose, your passion….your why!

I get it.  Completely.  I was never at the top of my list – everything and everyone came before me and what I wanted and so I completely understand and ‘know’ what impact this can have on all aspects of work, business, and life.

So, imagine investing in YOU, and having an opportunity to discover what is REALLY important to you. 

Exploring from the inside out, revealing what you truly and deeply value and desire, and being able to listen to your head, go with your gut, AND follow your heart.   

It’s a powerful combination of harnessing your wisdom, creativity, compassion, and courage to get YOU to where YOU want to be all whilst prioritising YOU so you’re living a values-aligned life.

This is incredibly powerful – I should talk to you every day! The biggest win from today’s session was knowing my own value & worth and that makes it all worthwhile.”


“Having you as my accountability coach means I’m not always on the downward slippery slope to no-where but on track with a clearer headspace, knowing what my plan is.”


“The Diary Detox is a great process. We’re ALL guilty of wasting time & it’s important to get on track. I always come away from our sessions feeling very positive & energised”


“Discovering my DISC preferences has given me an insight into why some relationships have been more challenging, and really work my strengths to my advantage, while also now being aware of the areas I need to be aware of, improve or focus on I can actively work to develop or being aware of how best to communicate with others – great insights” 


Working with the latest findings in neuroscience, combined with the power of coaching, mBIT, NLP, strategy, goal setting, mindfulness, and accountability we will partner together to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, with clarity, confidence, and ease.

I’ve been there……

I know what it is like to not be living a valued life, the sacrifices, the challenges, and how hollow it feels with a lack of purpose and fulfillment.  I understand just how hard the realisation is when we discover we aren’t following our hearts or doing what we truly love and the thought we have not made the most of our time.

However, I also know the changes we can make when we are guided by our core values and when we engage with them to make wise decisions, establish boundaries, or support ourselves in taking committed action toward our goals – ones that are deeply important to us we can lift that weight of drudgery and be loving what we do.

As a multiple business owner, with extensive business, operational, and strategic management experience spanning 30 years across a number of sectors, as well as being a single parent (and fierce lioness of my not-so-little cub!), current Masters student as well as carrying out various CPD, I completely understand the challenges of plate spinning and also the detrimental impact of taking on too much.

I’d love to work with you

If you’re ready to uncover, explore and engage with your values, to make your aspirations a reality, and reach your full potential, I am supporting clients in coaching, training, and workshops.

Contact me to book a complimentary initial chat or send me over your organisation training or workshop requirements and we can see how we can work together.

Here's How we can work together

1:1 Private Coaching

Based on awareness, responsibility, trust and confidentiality, coaching is a reflective forward-focused process where we partner together so you can maximise your performance and productivity with accountability.

It can be the difference that makes the difference in your achieving your goals and realising your potential.  In formulating a clear plan or strategy, tackling a range of challenges or working on mindset, productivity or any issues that are holding you back 1:1 intensive coaching sessions can enable you to find the right path forward which will help you to remove the overwhelm and have clarity and focus to truly realise your own potential.

3, 6, or 12 month packages, breakthrough sessions (up to 4 hours), or individual mBIT Coach Session to explore one specific challenge you’re facing.

Also available

  • DISC Profiling
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management & Productivity Support


Coaching & Training for Teams


Bespoke coaching and training programmes including


  • DISC profiling, Training, & Workshops – deepen your understanding of self and others
  • Goal Setting
  • Boundaries in the workplace
  • Leadership Decision-Making with Heart
  • Communication for Teams
  • Mindfulness for effective employees
  • Productivity, Time Management, and well-being support to enable you and your teams to be well beings!


If you’d like to find out a little more about me before getting in touch please see HERE

A little about me


I’m Karen, an ICF ACC Accredited Coach & Trainer. With an ACTP Professional Coaching Diploma and several additional professional coaching certifications, I’m an internationally Certified mBIT Coach and Trainer, a certified Tiny Habits Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, DISC, and Diary Detox® Practitioner. 

I continually invest in my ongoing training and CPD, currently studying for my Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice at Oxford Brookes on my journey to my Doctorate – following my passion, purpose, and values so I can deliver a deeper, more informed, and transformative practice for my clients. 

I am passionate about partnering with men and women who want to stop being stuck, facilitate growth, find fulfillment, remove overwhelm and avoid burnout whilst finding clarity in their visions and values so they can unleash their brilliance, reach their goals, and have a thriving business or life they love.

My background is rooted in expert knowledge, experience, and qualifications. I’m a multiple business owner, have experienced life as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and in business and operational strategic management in global companies and not-for-profit organisations across a wide range of sectors and bring this lived experience into my coaching and mentoring practice.

As a productivity, performance, and time management specialist, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, teams, and entrepreneurs over the past 30 years helping them to boost their productivity whilst prioritising their well-being through taking values-based decisions and actions to ditch overwhelm that can come from a result of lack of clarity, procrastination, or because, they’re simply not loving life right now.

I always feel deeply honoured in sharing the space with my clients, a space that is safe, inclusive, and non-judgemental. I meet you where you are at and guide you through a powerful integrated process so you can go from stuck’ing to success, making wise decisions, and taking bold courageous actions all based on your values. vision, purpose, and passion.

I work with clients, with men, or women like you who love what they do but are struggling with knowing where they are going, that may have lost touch with their vision, or because they no longer aligned to their core values are finding life a struggle, a lack of motivation, interest, or joy.  Living a life you’re not loving can impact in so many ways – except this CAN change and there is something incredibly humbling witnessing the impact, transformation, and growth that comes from their being committed action takers, whilst cheering them on as they reach their goals and their aspirations become a reality.

If you’re ready for that right now, to take transformative action, then please get in touch!

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