If I said to you that time management isn’t about managing time – would that surprise you?


What if I said, it’s more about managing yourself – would you think that’s a better fit?

24 hours in a day. 

168 hours in a week.  

We ALL have the same time at our disposal and yet, how we spend that time, how much of it we waste will vary from person to person. We all have different demands on our time, whether it be work, businesses, family, children or even health demands.  

We are all distracted in different ways and by different things. Some of us may find we lose hours on social media, or listening in on sessions in Clubhouse, or we can control distractions better than others.

As with all behaviour design, it’s NOT a personality flaw. It’s a design one. And we can all make changes to how we spend our time, how we tackle procrastination, and what we can do to maximise our performance from the time we have and how we spend it.

But why would you even want to manage your time better?

Well here’s just some of the reasons: 

• Removing the overwhelm

• Improving your performance

• Greater productivity

• Improving your professional reputation

• Producing better work

• Delivering work on time and meeting deadlines

• Reducing your stress. …

• Improving career opportunities. …

• Boosting your confidence. …

• Becoming more efficient. …

• Developing a balance in your work, life, and family that YOU are happy with

• Planning ahead.

5 “BE’s” to help you smash your time management and help YOU manage yourself and the time that you have, to get your things done, or those targets met.


Having a to-do list, using a planner or a diary isn’t anything new, but it is one of the best ways to manage the time that you have. It is a proven way of enabling you to become more productive, what is key is not overwhelming yourself with a massive to-do list, but being organised and intentional with what is on there.  

Combine quick win tasks that you can get done, maybe have the one task that you would put off to the last minute into your diary at a time when YOU are most productive. Include operational tasks, work tasks as well as things which take care of your physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.  

What’s the benefit of being armed with a planner and to-do list?

• It keeps you intentional about what work you need to do and what needs to be done

• It identifies everything that is coming up now or in the future and it allows you to see if new tasks pop up, how you can accommodate them into your plan

• It gives you a quick at a glance look of what you should be doing

• It enables you to visualise what you are working towards – the goals, aspirations or a specific outcome

• It’s a wonderful satisfying feeling crossing the done things off!


So you’re armed with a diary, your planner, or your to-do list. But how can you maximise the time that you have to be most productive?

Structuring your time.  

Structuring your schedule so you will deliver exactly what you need to and are committed to doing. Not only does it mean you protect your time and your space, but time blocking is one of the most productive ways of doing this. While there is a reputation that multi-tasking is great, it can actually be the opposite and lead you to be less productive.

Juggling lots of balls or spinning lots of plates at one time, we think is the best way to get more done, but time blocking and having a structure to your time maximises the output from that time.

What’s the benefit of being structured?

• We are most productive when we focus on one thing

• You are making a conscious and thoughtful approach to dividing your time on what needs doing

• You can allocate time to specific tasks to reflect your concentration levels – eg longer or bigger blocks of time to work on the bigger projects or ones that need most focus when YOU are most productive or have the highest concentration levels

• You can set aside small batches of time to tackle the monotonous tasks so they don’t become boring or overwhelming – keep on top of the inbox and intray!

• Set aside times to deal with emails or calls so you can then deal with them in an allocated time

• Set up clear blocks of time to work ON your business


What does this mean? Well, despite how hard we try, being distracted can happen all too easily. We all get distracted, drawn into conversations or the latest social media feed or struggle with being a procrastinator.

Did you know that if you are interrupted it can take about 23 minutes to gain back that focus – if you have several distractions throughout the day – it doesn’t take long to see how we really do waste time or lose time due to being distracted!

Of course, we are all aware of things that may distract us – but be mindful of what your distractions are and what you can do to limit them? 

For example email checking, meetings, notifications on the phone are all things that can be managed more effectively when you put the actions above in being organised, structured, and intentional into action.

Being focused on the tasks at hand, tracking your time, what is of high priority or what can be placed into smaller areas of your week can help. Being mindful of when you’re most productive can help hugely, what is your intention of the action, what is the required outcome, and is it necessary. 

Asking yourself these questions before tackling a task can identify if it’s something you even need to do.

What’s the benefit of being focused or mindful?

• Being mindful of your most productive times of the day will enable you to focus on the bigger tasks which require your concentration – meaning better output and much better productivity but increased efficient use of your time

• Tracking your time and how yu spend it will provide and insight and make you self-aware of when you head into rabbit holes of distractions, of your productivity patterns so you can maximise the time

• Identify your most productive times and exploit those times to get more done

• Use time when you’re least productive to do easier tasks or take the time for your physical or emotional wellbeing


Hey? What’s that about?

Be strong. In saying “NO” to things that you don’t need to do. What exactly are you saying yes to? What does it stop you from doing? Will it impact your time? Your plan? Your time blocking?

Be strong in looking at tasks and wondering if it’s you that has to do them.

Be strong in identifying where you waste your time (it’s often an uncomfortable truth!) but being aware can help you to stop doing it!

Be strong in sticking to deadlines and timelines that you are OK with – don’t place additional pressure onto yourself if there’s no need to. If your to-do list is overflowing, don’t say yes to a new task on the same day – say no! 

What’s the benefit of being strong?

• You establish clear and strong boundaries not only for yourself but for people around you, whether that be team members, clients, or even family members

• You are aware of your limits and making sure you stick to them

• You say no, freeing you to do the things you DO want to do

• You keep your priorities simple and straightforward


Everyone has different capacities in their week, and we know everyone manages their time differently, the important thing is that you are being the best that you can be. Maximising YOUR performance and realising your full potential.

Remember, behaviour design and habit formation, is something that takes skill and practice, it can take time, but it’s not a personality flaw, it’s a design one. 


• Stop judging yourself 

• Take your aspirations, targets, or goals and break them down

• Embrace “mistakes” as a discovery – remember there’s no such thing as failure only feedback

• Celebrate – yes! When you complete a task, when you get something done, celebrate and acknowledge just that – emotions create habits and what better way than a positive link to being the best you can be!

So there are the 5 “Be’s” on how to smash your time management.  

You may not know where to start with these, of how you can be more organised or design new habits, or what can you do to really make an impact.

How I can Help

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As a productivity, time management, and systems expert I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and successful business owners over the past 30 years helping them to maximise their productivity and performance and realise their full potential.

Partnering with them to master their time management and organisational skills as well as witnessing life-changing transformations as they ditch the overwhelm that comes as a result of procrastination or perfectionism, or because of an always present to-do list that never gets completed because of the pressures of “not having enough time” or the lack of a clear plan.

As a certified DISC, NLP, and Diary Detox® Practitioner, Performance, Productivity, and Accountability coach and behaviour designer I bring a unique approach, resource, and skillset which means that you can become a master (or mistress!) of your time, that you can kick that overwhelm to the curb and maximise your productivity and performance.

Combining my own personal experiences, my vast experience in tackling productivity and performance, and the extensive training I have undertaken, I work with clients who want nothing more than to transform their business or their life into what they want it to be, into how THEY want to be.

Men or women, like you, who love what they do, but who are struggling with time management, with overwhelm, or the limits that perfectionism or procrastination has placed upon them.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, or those simply struggling to get their shizzle done, who want more joy, who want more freedom, but who want to improve their productivity to maximise their performance and potential.

You may currently be struggling with the busyness of life, overwhelmed with the business of running a business, and while you’re damn good at it, you’re finding there just isn’t enough hours in the day, and it’s likely that self-care and wellbeing aren’t at the top of your list either.

Instead, you wish you could find an easier way…

A different way…

A more productive way…

A way that enables the development of a positive mindset, that creates a clear plan giving clarity, ditching the stress and overwhelm with a way forward to realise aspirations with key aspects of support, resources, and accountability…

There is…..IT’S ABOUT TIME!

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