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Why Should You Sign Up To Experience Tiny Habits?

BJ Fogg, the author of Tiny Habits says “change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad”

Lofty aspirations, loose goals, are like New Year’s resolutions – very rarely successful.

Changing behaviour can be challenging, but it actually need not be difficult and we can all do it with the RIGHT help!

But, it’s also NOT a personality flaw when you can’t make those changes – it’s a behaviour design one.

Yes, you read that right – it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Perhaps you want to be more productive, lose weight, implement a new health or exercise regime, or you may be working on a bigger long term goal and need to find a way to reduce the overwhelm or stress that comes from that question “where do I start”?

Wanting to change and implement new behaviours, to formulate new and life changing habits where you are NOT relying on willpower or motivation?

We change best by feeling good NOT by feeling bad….so….are YOU READY to?

Completed by 120,000 people

120,000 people have experienced this Tiny Habits Programme, being introduced to the Tiny Habits method.

Through a supported easy, simple, and effective 5 day programme with minimal time commitment you can:

Ready to experience this programme for yourself?

Join me, Karen Taylor, Certified ICF, ACTP, mBIT and Tiny Habits Coach & NLP Master Practitioner who will support you 1:1 through the process.  There will be direct email support as well as an open office so you can get any help you need along the way!

In <5 minutes each day, you will learn how habits work and how to create new ones— skills that will benefit you for life.

What you learn will help you create habits to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

You will….

01. Learn How Your Habits Work

Have an understanding of how habits work – discover that having unsuccessful habits are NOT your fault! It’s a design flaw, not a personality one!

02. Learn How to Create New Habits

Discover how to successfully create new habits that will be sustainable and successful.  We’re talking tiny here but with big impact to make positive changes.

03. Learn How to Troubleshoot Habits 

Habit not sticking? Not able to make consistent changes?  This programme will show you exactly how to troubleshoot your habits to make sure they work.

04. Create and Introduce Your New Habits

You will work on 3 simple habits that you want to introduce into your life whether they are around productivity, planning, health, wellbeing or mindset!



Complete the full 5 day programme completing your daily habits & feedback and be entered into a draw to win a copy of the Time Freedom Planner when it’s hot off the press in 2022!

What Our Sessions Will Look Like:

Before Monday (9 min): Get set up and ready using a step-by-step guide.

Monday-Friday (less than 5 min/day): Practice your new habits with guidance from a kind and supportive expert 

MidWeek (Open Office): Optional opportunity to join your coach in an open office, ask your questions, discuss how you’re getting on and get support with your challenges.


Small multiplied by often equals amazing. Having Karen in my corner was great as she clarified a habit, which in turn reinforced my commitment”  Tiny Habits Client

Karen was AWESOME! She took time to support me when I asked aside for extra help or insights. In sharing resources, thoughts, and tools that could help me not only in those areas but also how I can combine them into the Tiny Habits method that’s being so successful for me. She helped me in reframing limiting beliefs, in tackling the inner voice and the perfectionist that sits inside and can so often prevent me from taking action.” Tiny Habits Client

Karen’s regular support, got me to consider what I was doing but also the importance of the aspects of celebrating, and also, that it’s not about failure or my failing. Loved this support she gave me so much – there’s no such thing as failure right?!” Tiny Habits Client

The 5 day programme was great, there were consistent daily emails asking about my habits and I also got great ideas from her on how to celebrate meeting my goals” Tiny Habits Client

I needed to figure out what habits I wanted but after I did tiny habits I know is the perfect tool” Tiny Habits Client


Karen Taylor, will be your 1:1 Coach through your Tiny Habits Programme.

Karen is a Certified Tiny Habits Coach as well as being ICF ACC Accredited mBIT, Productivity, Habits and Performance Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, DISC, and Diary Detox® Coach Practitioner.

Karen brings a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to her coaching which is also combined with extensive management experience and as a business owner for almost 20 years.

As a productivity, performance, and time management, expert Karen has worked with hundreds of individuals and successful business owners over the past 30 years helping them to maximise their productivity and performance and realise their potential.  She combines all of this with the magic of Tiny Habits, using small, easy to implement behaviour changes to maximise performance and to help clients get their shizzle done.

In 2021, Karen guided over 200 individuals through the Tiny Habits programme, and has continued to work with many via other support and coaching, including 1:1 intensive coaching.

Karen partners with men and women to get to the heart of their biggest challenges, who are ready and committed to making positive changes, so they can find clarity in their vision and purpose, find fulfillment, and create sustainable life-changing and impactful habits to balance life, work, and wellbeing to have a thriving life or business they love.

She works with people who often say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know where to start” or “I can’t seem to make habits successful”, facilitating growth, finding clarity in their visions, values, and purpose so they can remove overwhelm, unleash their brilliance, reach their goals, and have a life with time on their terms, armed with a clear, actionable plan.